Discover the 5 things you can do right now to create your 6-figure business!

I need that!

I see you, you multitalented entrepreneur, you.

You know you can use your skills, talents, and passion to do your own thing. And even though the world's still recovering from a pandemic and a political shitshow, you're somehow still convinced that the right time to start this thing is now.

So you're doing #allthethings to launch...learning about Instagram and email list growth, getting a website going, and maybe you should create a course and some printables and an online store while you're at it, too.

It's exciting! It's finally happening! But you've got a few questions:

What exactly is this business? Will anyone pay me actual money? And will I lose my mind trying to launch a side hustle or do it all myself?

If that's true...

Good news! This mini course is just for you.

Decide on an idea and party all the way to the bank!

GET TO SIX is for new and emerging entrepreneurs who want to skip the trial and error with their idea and get to 6 figures ASAP.

In this course, I show you how to discover the 5 critical things that every successful business owner knows about their business, customers, and themselves.

I got tired of watching founders struggle because they jumped over a few steps, or thought that there was a 'magic strategy' that would save their business. (spoiler alert: there's not)

So I put together the 5 highest-value things you can spend your time on when you're in your first year of business.

Building a profitable business shouldn't be mysterious, confusing, or overwhelming. And everyone should be able to do it.

GET TO SIX is a no-fluff way to add a A LOT of value to your venture in a short amount of time (we're talking 15-20 mins for each lesson).

If you love what you do and need help making cash from it...If you've start 10 different business this year alone...If you want a business that's easy and fun to run...

This is the course for you!

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"As a solo founder, it's often hard to find someone to brainstorm creative ideas. Working with Jess helped me push through a huge creative rut. "
—Eric V, PlantBase

"Jess’ naturally calm demeanor matched with her inherent ability to get to the heart of the matter make her a great coach. She helps extract the quality seeds of your business idea and co-creates an efficient support system to grow it."
—Erin Brown, Hot Red Carpet

Your Plan

Step 1: Feel Like A Genius
What's your Zone of Genius and why should you care? I show you how this one concept can make you thousands more than others in your industry.

Step 2: Serve One Person
Six figure businesses serve lots of people—and they all start with just one in mind. I'll share the power of focus and finding ONE ideal client.

Step 3: Discover Their Damage
We've all got lotsa gripes. How would your ideal client rank theirs, and why do you need to know that? Don't worry, it's not a quiz—I'm gonna tell you all about it!

Step 4: Survey The Scene
Who's your competition? I show you some cheap and simple ways to compare who else is out there (and why and when to care).

Step 5: What Can YOU Do?
Now that you know more about your ~ideal person~ and your industry, what will you bring to the table? I show you how to create ONE strong offer you can use to launch your business and get clients.

Ready for more commas in your bank account?

Don't wait any longer to build the biz of your dreams.

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Who am I? Glad you asked!

Hi there! I'm Jess, a Business Coach and the CEO of Backbone Business. I help entrepreneurs master their mind and build calm, profitable, and scalable businesses. As a self-funded entrepreneur myself, I know the struggle of balancing priorities and making smart investments firsthand.

No one can shake my deep belief that businesses are the fastest way to develop yourself and move the planet forward. I'm committed to helping people build equitable businesses that shift our society's structures and change the conversation. I live in the Pasadena, CA area and in my free time, you can find me looking at art, hiking, and searching for the perfect matcha latte.

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