Free Live Training Series: Build a Calm and Profitable Business

Starting and building a profitable business is a true act of bravery. If you're on this page, that means you're curious about rising to the challenge. 

Maybe you're daydreaming at your 9-5 about working for yourself. Maybe you're tired a freelancer who suspects you could make more money more easily. 

Congrats—not everyone has the drive you do!

Right now, you may feel excited, but a little lost—and doubtful that you can make the money you need AND take care of yourself, too.

Entrepreneurship is hard, but that shouldn't stop you from taking the leap!

Join business coach Jess Joswick of Backbone Business for a series on what it takes to be a successful, savvy business owner who does the work they love and makes BIG changes in the world, too.

Why think about all this right now?

Well, the sad truth is that most small businesses fail in their first 5 years. 

Sound bleak? Well, the thing can choose to skip the hard stuff.

You don't need to endure years of agony to be successful. 

You do need to develop the skills and habits that make your entrepreneurial journey easier, profitable, and fun.

This series helps you avoid the top mistakes entrepreneurs make so you can get a plan and grow well beyond your next five years (and have a life, too!).

By signing up, you get dead-simple strategies for answering big q's like: 

Should I quit my day job? How do I choose an idea? How does a successful entrepreneur think? How do I stay calm and run a business too?

These 4 trainings will be weekly live 1-hour virtual sessions in October and November 2019.

Don't make your dream wait. Work smart from the very beginning with this FREE series for new entrepreneurs!


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