Your dream clients and customers are out there. Find them with a bold, authentic brand that helps your company grow and dominate!

Bare Essentials Branding: Bold Branding That Converts

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No matter your industry, your brand is the foundation of your work and your business.  

It’s the glue that holds it all together—your programs and products, the way you interact with clients, and who you hire. It really pulls a lot of weight!  

The problem for busy business owners and solopreneurs is we know we need it, but usually, the last thing we have time for is strategy that doesn’t lead to immediate money in the door. And hiring a brand strategist...yeah, that’s not really in our budget right now.  

I get it because I’ve been there!  

Brand strategy seems like a ‘nice to have’ in our businesses...until you realize how many ways you’re throwing money away.  

Save My Spot!

I’m curious...have you done any of these in the past six months?

  • Purchased social media ads (or a whole marketing plan) that get zero clicks or signups
  • Hired folks quickly because you needed the help...and let them go 2 months later because they couldn’t adapt to your workflow...and now you need to rehire
  • Launched offers with a bang...and heard crickets instead of sign-up clicks 
  • Partnered with other entrepreneurs whose audiences weren't interested in your work 

No judgment here! It happens, right? 

But...what if it keeps happening? 

Eventually that means no sales, no growth, and your hard-earned money out the door on the daily...which reverses your growth, reduces your impact, and shakes your confidence that you can actually make it as a business owner.  

Let’s stop all of that right now.

The fun and downright magical thing about having a bold brand is that it’s an investment that pays off BIG TIME in lots of places in your business...and will give you the long-term stability you need to keep innovating, scaling, and serving your customers well.  

So how can you do that as a small business owner? I’m glad you asked… 


Bare Essentials Branding: Bold Branding That Converts

Bare Essentials Branding is Backbone Creative’s LIVE virtual course for entrepreneurs who need the ‘must have’ parts of brand that will catapult their businesses to the next stage of growth without a big price tag or time commitment.  

At Backbone Creative, we’re driven by serving brave entrepreneurs who create happy, healthy, and profitable businesses and startups.  

We do that through high-level coaching and our Brave Branding Process that supports and amplifies businesses through many stages of growth. 

And while we knew that there was a bigger need for brand strategy than we could handle in our 1-to-1 agency work, we also knew that not every business has all day to spend on their brand.  

That’s why I’m thrilled to launch this LIVE course and offer our process to more businesses who need the exact right amount of branding (AKA the bare minimum) to get off the ground or get to the next $100k!  

The best part is that this course is the EXACT same process we use with our clients—at a fraction of the price!  

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This course is for you if:

  • You’re not really sure how to explain what you do or why it’s important 
  • You have all of the free branding downloads, but can’t make sense of how to put it all together
  • Your revenue (and personal take home $$) needs to be twice or three times the amount your business currently makes
  • Your website, social media, and emails all look a little different—and none of them are the image you want to project
  • You’re bootstrapping your startup and need a professional polish for investors

"When working with Jess, I was able to narrow down and concisely explain all of these ideas in probably a quarter of the time I spent trying to do it on my own. As someone who is only slightly creative, understanding things like brand voice and how I talk to customers just required extra effort, but Jess really took the time to break it down and make it easy."

—Jamika Martin, CEO, ROSEN Skincare 

What is the Brave Branding Process?

Our Brave Branding Process ensures that the hard work you put into that big picture brand thinking delivers results that you can measure right away. 

This process gets you clear on your goals, who you’re serving, and the tone, visuals, and channels that will reach your perfect clients quickly.

Our process unifies, clarifies, and elevates your message so that your business’ touchpoints and content channels work together seamlessly.  

And then what happens? You build trust with your audience authentically and boldly with the exact right language and visuals...your sales have more time to kick up your heels, go on vacation, and NOT worry abut building a growing business. 

It all starts here!  

Before you hop onto Instagram, make a logo, or write another sales page, you need to know the solutions your audience craves and the messaging that help them see how your work benefits them (because at the end of the day, it’s about what they want, right?).  

Lead by Backbone Founder Jess Joswick, this course walks you through the creation of your own branding plan so you can make your website, logo, know, all of the fun stuff you might have already spent hours working on (and the dang things still don’t really convert).  

Your brand plan makes creating new products, marketing campaigns, and business development easier, faster, and more profitable. 

The best part: say goodbye to time-wasting exercises or surveys that don’t bring in money. This course is everything you need, nothing you don’t about branding!  

Here's what you get:

  • Our four-week virtual class (over 5 hours of LIVE content!) discovering and refining your brand with Jess and other entrepreneurs  
  • Weekly templates that jog your creativity and organize your thoughts so you can let your best ideas flow 
  • BONUS templates that translate your strategy to gasp-inducing visuals that make your company catch on like wildfire  
  • EARLY BIRD BONUS! One additional group strategy call with Jess for even MORE expert brand guidance and advice!  

Want in now?

Our Schedule

Join For Summer 2019: August 8, 15, 22, and 29, 5:30-7:00pm PST

Week 1

Think of the brands you know, love, and use often. What do they have in common besides great products? A clear and visible purpose. This week’s topics is your business’ biggest differentiator. Get tools for how to communicate your purpose and how you do business so you can create your mission, vision, and values and your business’ big WHY. 

Week 2

Who’s your ideal client or customer? If your picture of them is a little fuzzy, you’re leaving piles of money on the table. We get to know this mystery person and create your customer avatar, or a profile of someone who represents your client base.

Week 3

YOU know what you do or make is important. Do your customers? We get into what makes your company unique, what your ‘brand promise’ means, and how to use that to stand out in a crowded industry. We detail what a ‘customer journey’ is and why it’s important for every business.

Week 4

If your company were a person, what would it look and sound like? This week is all about brand personality and how to bring it to life in your copywriting and visuals. We talk through the next steps with your branding, including how to use it in the rest of your business.

Who's Running This Thing?


Hi there! I’m an entrepreneur, a strategist, a former nonprofit fundraiser, a cat lady, a Michigander turned Angeleno, and a seasonal-coffee-beverage appreciator. I’m passionate about creating branding for the brave, helping companies stand up and out. And as an entrepreneur myself, I know the struggle of finding the right support that fits your budget and goals, not stuff that makes your work more complicated.  

I’ve worked with companies and nonprofits in the U.S. and internationally, and my background in marketing, brand management, communications development, fundraising, and event management has given me a unique lens on what it takes for new companies to become profitable and sustainable. I can’t wait to support you and help supercharge your brand!

—Jess Joswick, Brand Business Coach and Founder of Backbone Creative  

"Backbone brought an amazing balance between creativity and structure, really helping bring The Vegan Atelier to life. I was most impressed with Jess' ability to listen and respond, but also to guide me in areas where I didn’t know what I didn’t know."

—Brett Thompson 

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This class is four LIVE sessions: August 8, 15, 22, and 29, 2019.

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